Thursday, 24 May 2007


Welcome to the *SHIVER* Blog of the game developer known to the community as Lorft.

Now, some may ask "why the shiver?". Well, I have been around the Internet for quite a few years, and I have always found the thought of people posting random junk about themselves wholly boring. Years ago it was home pages, then personal BBS and lately Blogs. I hated the idea, and vowed never to write one.

What changed my mind? Well, things have matured and there are now a large number of brilliant writers using the powers of the blog to actually present useful information! With my recent entry into the
NWN2 community, I decided that I needed an area to act as a repository for my work, and a place to keep people informed about what I am working on.

So here we are, a blog high on information and low on introspection. Except, ironically this particular message. Oh well :)


Wyrin said...

I totally know what you mean about hating blogs - i'd never have such an ego that I felt all the world should share my emo rants! But I have found jotting down things about my current mod in developemtn quite therapeutic - so good luck with yours too.

Maerduin said...

Hey, Lorft! Welcome to the blogosphere. Don't forget to tell people what you've eaten for breakfast, to reveal when the last time you did your laundry was, and to pontificate on subjects that are not necessarily of general interest. Seriously though, glad you've given in to the urge. :)