Thursday, 6 September 2007

Moving onwards...

Well, a bit late on the weekly update, but I have an excellent excuse. I am moving house. As a contractor this happens reasonably often, so I am pretty fast and not really phased by it. This move is a bit different though in that it is a brand new house with a few people I know so there are lots of things to sort out.

I have managed to add a few more encounters to the early part of the module, but alas "I can't help shifting the sofa because I am scripting an intense tactical combat with trolls" does not seem to work as a valid excuse.

Things should settle down over the next couple of weeks, but I fear there will be no updates here for a month or so. You see, the new house has no broadband or phone fitted at the moment, and in the UK our telecoms monopoly takes a good three weeks to sort these things out.

So do not take the silence here to mean the project has been penned into the dead book. It 'aint, alright cutter?