Sunday, 23 December 2007

Jingle bell, Blessed bell,
Silent night tonight.

Wintervall, Festival,
Baatezu's delight.

Just a quick announcement of the release of my short holiday themed combat-centric Christmas present to the community. This is a one hourish long module and a pseudo-sequel to 'Cry Wolf' (you don't need to play the previous though).

  • - About 45-60 minutes play time
  • - Combat Heavy
  • - Parody and Pun Heavy
  • - Features the storyteller mechanic (as per Cry Wolf)
  • - Unique scoring system (as per Cry Wolf)
  • - Roleplay/Skill use Light (It does have a story though!)

Now, the whole thing was knocked up in a few night's work, so don't expect a masterpiece. However faced with the traditional aprez-lunch Oldster ailment and illness monolog, this short module may just be a viable alternative until they drift off to sleep!

And here is the vault link:

Merry Wintervall to all,


Saturday, 22 December 2007

The night before Wintervall

T'was the night before Wintervall,
When all through the blog,
News was a coming;
Of a new Mod.

While players were tucked up,
all snug in their beds.
One modder was testing,
Making things dead.

On Monitor, on Mouse, on Keyboard and Power,
On Toolset, on Music, no time for a Shower!

And so as I work on, balancing the fights,
Happy Wintervall to all, and to all a good Night!