Sunday, 23 December 2007

Jingle bell, Blessed bell,
Silent night tonight.

Wintervall, Festival,
Baatezu's delight.

Just a quick announcement of the release of my short holiday themed combat-centric Christmas present to the community. This is a one hourish long module and a pseudo-sequel to 'Cry Wolf' (you don't need to play the previous though).

  • - About 45-60 minutes play time
  • - Combat Heavy
  • - Parody and Pun Heavy
  • - Features the storyteller mechanic (as per Cry Wolf)
  • - Unique scoring system (as per Cry Wolf)
  • - Roleplay/Skill use Light (It does have a story though!)

Now, the whole thing was knocked up in a few night's work, so don't expect a masterpiece. However faced with the traditional aprez-lunch Oldster ailment and illness monolog, this short module may just be a viable alternative until they drift off to sleep!

And here is the vault link:

Merry Wintervall to all,



Jclef said...

I actually downloaded this on x-mas day, but only played a few moments before having to tend to the kitchen.

I liked the use of the story circle again. That one kid with the wide-eyes cracks me up - he needs to lay off the pixie sticks, haha!

I'll finish this up tonight (Or definitely before the holiday season ends (Jan.1st)).

Thanks for the Community X-Mas Present, brohammer!

Lorft said...

Thanks for the comment.

Hope you enjoy it, I had fun doing the whoe thing from start to end in two days. In contrast, my Planescape module Is countlessly replayed trying to perfect scenes.

Happy Wintervall!